TRIAL PACKAGE – 1 Capsule,1 Male Honey, 1 Female Honey, 1 Coffee, $8ea



    All of our products work in providing amazing, superior results. Everyone’s body chemistry is different. Even though all of our products work, one may work better than the other because of your body chemistry. If you are a first time user or would like to see if one product may work better than the other, we suggest that you try our trial package of 1 each including our popular Red Ginseng that enhances sexual performance & improves male fertility. Each product excluding the Red Ginseng should be taken 3 days apart. Red Ginseng can be taken every day or twice daily. It is suggested that all products are taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Unlike vitamins, our products work better on an empty stomach without the negative affects of taking vitamins on an empty stomach.

    Our products last for 3 days in your system. You will not have an erection for 3 days, the affects are in your system for 3 days and are activated by the thought of sex or visual enticement or excitement.

    If you have any questions or inquiries, text us at 404.759.1375