Frequently Asked Questions

A – You should take 30-45 before sexual activity

A – The products stay in your system for 3 days or more for some people.

A – Our products do not have side effects. You should not take our products with alcohol. Taking with alcohol will decrease the effects and may cause headaches. If you experience side effects its normally another cause.

A- Taking our products does not interfere with high blood pressure medications. High blood pressure medicines can affect your ability to get or sustain erections. Our products allow you to take your medications and get long, hard sustained erections.

A- All of our products provide positive effects. Because everyone’s body chemistry is different, one might work better than the other. We offer a trial package that includes honey, capsules and coffee to test each item. You should allow at least 3 days between taking each to see which works better.

A- If you are sexually active or enjoy the semi-hard feeling all the time. You can take our products every 3-4 days.

A- The female honey is the only product that we suggest that women take.

A-YES! Definitely. Our female customers are very pleased with how the female honey helps with their hot flashes constantly.

A-YES! – We have distributors nationally and worldwide that resell our products with huge profits. The wholesale price currently is $5 with a 100 minimum. The price will decrease with higher volumes. If interested in volume pricing send email to

A- There is no difference in the products. The different names are for marketing purposes only.

A – An email is sent to the address that you provided after the order is shipped. The email will come from Tracking numbers are only sent after the order is shipped. Refer to the shipping policy for shipping times.

A – Orders are normally shipped 5-10 days after the order is received. Orders may be shipped sooner or later depending on inventory levels. Orders are shipped via USPS priority mail. Express shipping is provided upon request and payment for expedited service.

*Information provided is not meant as medical advice. Most answers and effects are provided from actual testimonies from our customers.
The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose,treat, cure or prevent any disease.*