New Orleans Zulu Warrior Capsule $12 ea.


    Zulu Warrior Capsules have the same superior ingredients as our other brands. Zulu Warrior was designed specifically for the New Orleans / Louisiana market.? The Zulu Warrior package design and ingredients are proprietary and trademark protected ( registration# 88163055)

    **BEWARE – The company Worldwide Erections, owned by Karla Phillips, is illegally using the Zulu Warrior licensed trademark to market and sell products under Worldwide Erection. The ingredients for this product are not the same as the original Zulu Warrior. It is suggested that if you have purchased any product from Worldwide Erections or Karla Phillips claiming to be Zulu Warrior, that you return them for a refund. Worldwide Erections and Karla Phillips is selling Zulu Warrior as a Multilevel Marketing program. If you have enrolled in this illegal program and are selling any products under the Zulu Warrior name and brand, you are also guilty of Trademark Infringement. Trademark Infringement is a VERY SERIOUS crime. Remedies for trademark infringement may include lost profits, damages and attorney fees. When a violation of registered trademarks takes place and it is believed to have been an intentional infringement, a judge may award a plaintiff money from the defendant regarding any lost profits resulting from the infringement violation.?


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